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Tesla Solar Roof

Transform Your Roof & Produce Clean Energy

It’s Time
To Go Green!

25-Year Warranty
Zero Upfront Cost
Green Incentives
Lower Electricity Bills

Chicago's Only Tesla Solar Roof Dealer

Design an absolutely beautiful roof that will last decades, increase your home value, and decrease your utility bill and carbon footprint.

The Tesla Solar Roof is a solar energy system made up of tempered glass tiles with solar cells embedded inside. This roof is built to last, will pay for itself with the energy you produce, and get the most out of your roof.

Better, Stronger & Longer Lasting

3x stronger than asphalt or slate
Tempered glass construction can withstand up to 1.75 inches of hail
Engineered for all-weather protection

Powerwall Battery Backup

Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is bundled with each Tesla Solar purchase, and will provide you with 24/7 energy backup in the event of a power outage or nightfall.

This compact home battery stores the energy you produce with Solar Roof for instant backup power when you need it most. Powerwall recharges with solar, giving you an infinite supply to electricity at any time of day.

Recently Passed Solar Bill Offers Up To 30% In Tax Incentives


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